Meet Me

  • Choc-Cherry Wheels<br>Buggy Buddy
    Choc-Cherry Wheels
    Buggy Buddy
    Highly decorated award-winning cutie!
    Loves socializing. She has dozens of sweet friends!
  • Zoomy Noodles<br>Speedy SUV
    Zoomy Noodles
    Speedy SUV
    A lot of box that holds oodles of noodles!
    Likes to handle the hard delivery jobs!
  • Orange Rush<br>Convertible Cutie
    Orange Rush
    Convertible Cutie
    Very roomy. You can always squeeze in a friend!
    Loves the open road. Hates being bottled up in traffic!
  • Sneaky Speedster<br>Convertible Cutie
    Sneaky Speedster
    Convertible Cutie
    Step into a car with a lot of sole!
    Likes going fast. She's a bit of a lead-foot!
  • Royal Roadster<br>Convertible Cutie
    Royal Roadster
    Convertible Cutie
    You will feel like a princess in this royal ride!
    Likes to wave to her admirers as she drives past!
  • Zappy Pineapple<br>Buggy Buddy
    Zappy Pineapple
    Buggy Buddy
    Warm and sunny looks.
    Driving is just paradise!
    Likes to run rings around her friends!
  • Rainbow Rider<br>Speedy SUV
    Rainbow Rider
    Speedy SUV
    Super colorful to brighten the cloudiest day!
    Likes singing sweet songs in the rain!
  • Happy B. SUV<br>Speedy SUV
    Happy B. SUV
    Speedy SUV
    A sweet luxurious chocolate interior.
    Loves to make wishes come true!
  • Flashy Fashionista <br>Buggy Buddy
    Flashy Fashionista
    Buggy Buddy
    A big luggage compartment to carry things
    Likes to carry on with her friends!
  • Strawberry Speedy Seeds<br>Buggy Buddy
    Strawberry Speedy Seeds
    Buggy Buddy
    A sweet paintjob that’s berry tasteful!
    Dislikes getting stuck in traffic jams!
  • Traveling Taco <br>Fun Food Van
    Traveling Taco
    Fun Food Van
    Tacos with a taste you’ll want to chase!
    Likes salsa dancing with her amigos!
  • Candi Combi <br> Fun Food Van
    Candi Combi
    Fun Food Van
    A sweet paint job that jumps!
    Likes to spread her sweetness.
    She’s a sugar-shack on wheels!
  • Bumpy Burger<br>Fun Food Van
    Bumpy Burger
    Fun Food Van
    With burgers to grill and wheels to thrill!
    Dislikes the greasy roads in the rain!
  • Banana Bumper<br>Convertible Cutie
    Banana Bumper
    Convertible Cutie
    A-peeling styling that takes bends well.
    Dislikes driving on slippery roads.
  • Milk Moover<br>Speedy SUV
    Milk Moover
    Speedy SUV
    A Smooth Moo-ver to stop any milkshakes!
    Dislikes crying over spilt milk.
  • Zippy Popsicle<br>Fun Food Van
    Zippy Popsicle
    Fun Food Van
    The frosty stop where you can chill!
    Dislikes hot days and sticky situations!
  • Strawberry Scoupé<br>Buggy Buddy
    Strawberry Scoupé
    Buggy Buddy
    A Soft-top with a berry nice finish!
    Dislikes hot days. It causes messy handling!
  • Frozen Yocart<br>Speedy SUV
    Frozen Yocart
    Speedy SUV
    A very cool interior and smooth finish!
    Loves whipping up a treat for friends to eat!
  • Ice Cream Dream Car<br>Fun Food Van
    Ice Cream Dream Car
    Fun Food Van
    A set of cool wheels to whip around town!
    Dislikes traffic cones.
    They make the ice cream taste funny!
  • Jelly Bean Machine<br>Fun Food Van
    Jelly Bean Machine
    Fun Food Van
    Your one stop Jelly Bean shop!
    Likes to add a bit of color wherever she goes!
  • Hotdog Hotrod <br>Convertible Cutie
    Hotdog Hotrod
    Convertible Cutie
    Bun Bumpers for a comfy ride and soft crashes!
    Likes to race other Cutie Cars.
    He’s a real fast food!
  • Sundae Scooter <br>Buggy Buddy
    Sundae Scooter
    Buggy Buddy
    Cool looks and sweet styling make for a chilled ride!
    Loves to share a Sundae drive with friends.
  • Cupcake Cruiser<br>Buggy Buddy
    Cupcake Cruiser
    Buggy Buddy
    Baked for a wheelie sweet ride!
    Loves picnics in the park.
    They’re the “Cherry Best”!
  • Mint Sprinter<br>Convertible Cuties
    Mint Sprinter
    Convertible Cuties
    A sweet little car with a fresh face and cool panels!
    Dislikes scratches and dents
    .Likes to stay in mint condition!
  • Soft Swerve<br>Fun Food Van
    Soft Swerve
    Fun Food Van
    An interior that is the perfect place to chill!
    Dislikes having a meltdown in traffic!
  • Kiwi Cutie<br>Convertible Cutie
    Kiwi Cutie
    Convertible Cutie
    A green machine that always runs clean.
    Likes to be the car that always gets picked!
  • Wheely Wishes<br> Speedy SUV
    Wheely Wishes
    Speedy SUV
    Everything you’ve wished for in a car!
    Likes to party and be the center of attention!
  • Jelly Joyride<br>Buggy Buddy
    Jelly Joyride
    Buggy Buddy
    Soft bouncy seats and Jello airbags!
    A little wobbly on her wheels around winding roads.
  • Lemon Limo<br>Convertible Cutie
    Lemon Limo
    Convertible Cutie
    So easy to park. She can squeeze into tight spaces!
    Dislikes being called sour. She really is a sweetie!
  • Lollipop Soft Top<br>Convertible Cutie
    Lollipop Soft Top
    Convertible Cutie
    Fueled by candy to keep go-go-going!
    Dislikes having sticky seats from sticky sweets!
  • Popcorn Moviegoer<br>Fun Food Van
    Popcorn Moviegoer
    Fun Food Van
    A warm and buttery interior - Pop in and see!
    Dislikes scary movies because he always spills his popcorn!
  • Peely Apple Wheels<br>Buggy Buddy
    Peely Apple Wheels
    Buggy Buddy
    Crisp handling without using much juice!
    Dislikes bumpy rides that bruise her wheels!
  • Motor Melon<br>Convertible Cutie
    Motor Melon
    Convertible Cutie
    Runs on water and has a big fuel tank!
    Likes big Summer drives!
    Can go a long way on a hot day!
  • Donut Express<br>Fun Food Van
    Donut Express
    Fun Food Van
    A hole lot of sweet and tasteful styling!
    Loves to roll up to parties and sprinkle her friends with treats!
  • Choc Chip Racer<br>Convertible Cutie
    Choc Chip Racer
    Convertible Cutie
    Clever and high-tech.
    She’s one smart cookie!
    Dislikes rough roads, they make her crumble.
  • Candy Heart Car <br> Buggy Buddy
    Candy Heart Car
    Buggy Buddy
    Plenty of room to share with the one you love!
    Loves sending messages of love around town.
  • Wizzy Soda<br>Buggy Buddy
    Wizzy Soda
    Buggy Buddy
    She has the fastest straw in the west!
    Dislikes running out of gas!
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